We're experiencing a very unusual issue with a single user where switching between folders can take up to 30 seconds, usually no less than 25 seconds. This problem only occurs in the Groupwise 2012 Windows client (12.0.2), but we experienced the exact same problem with the same user last year at this time with an earlier version of the 2012 client. What is strange is that not only is this the only user experiencing the problem, but there is no issue when accessing the account via web access or the Groupwise 8 Linux client. Last year we opened an SR with Novell for this problem but they were unable to resolve the issue and the only solution we came up with was to create a new account for the user and migrate all her email over. This was less than ideal, but the problem had dragged on for a month and we could not come up with a better solution.

It appears that the problem emerges when many hundreds of emails get filed, probably at least 2,000 items on a single day in this most recent case. After that, the client experiences this slow down on any computer, not just the user's computer.

I would appreciate any insight that would shed light on this problem.

Thank you.