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Thread: iPrint Client 5.96 very slow

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    iPrint Client 5.96 very slow


    It appears that the iPrint Client 5.96 is very slow.

    In the control panel, it takes much longer to get the properties of an iPrint printer, than a local TCP/IP printer (same physical printer with same driver(HP UPD)).

    When you ask for printing documents (2 documents tested : 1 very small text and 1 PDF 78 pages about 1.1MB), it takes about :
    - 25-35 seconds before showing the print window (windows checks every printer status : only 1 iPrinter printer and 1 local TCP/IP printer).
    - 0-15 seconds to show the progress bar window.
    - 30-75 seconds before the progress bar starts.
    - 1-3 seconds to fulfill the progress bar.

    If I remove the iPrint printer, and use the local TCP/IP printer, it prints right away.

    I tried the TID 7008411 : from 9 to 3 seconds : not better.

    It does not seems to be an anti-virus or firewall issue on the client or on the server (OES11SP2 up to date).

    Is somebody has an idea, please share ...

    Find attached a WireShark print screen when asking for properties of an iPrint printer.
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