When I boot from PXE and the fixed disk is detected at /dev/sda, I can create partitions to my hearts content. However, when I boot from a USB device, the fixed disk is detected as /dev/sdb. (the USB drive is now /dev/sda) And when I run "img -pc 1", it just hangs indefinitely. (eventhough "img -partition" lists the fixed disk as /dev/sdb)

This is all after running "parted /dev/sdb rm 1" and img -pd -all". So the fixed disk is completly erased in both cases.

I also noticed the same problem with zisedit after clearing the fixed disk; If I PXE boot (fixed disk detected as /dev/sda), I can run "zisedit N={new name}" with no problem. The new name get's applied to Image Safe Data just fine, as I can verify it by running "zisview". However, if I boot to USB where the USB gets detected as /dev/sda and the fixed disk changes to /dev/sdb, I cannot rename it. It takes the command OK, it just never gets applied.

My client wants to boot from PXE (or USB) and be able to clear the fixed disk completely, create custom partitions, AND be able to rename the computer in ISD before the image comes down. So, zisedit can change its name in the OS automatically.

My PXE menu and USB menus are currently indentical. I have created scripts to parse the output of "img -partition", so I can determine the fixed disk whether I'm PXE or USB booting. I just need to know a way to specify the fixed disk as a parameter, if possible.

I've also tried to make the USB drive always be /dev/sdb, so the fixed disk would still be detected at /dev/sda when USB booting. But, this has also been challenging. But, I think it might work too. I just don't know of a way to do this either.

Anyway.. HELP! and thank you