Upon doing a bit of investigation on our existing infrastructure it turns out we seem to have a mixture of ZCM Appliances and manually installed SLES boxes. Just wondering what the best course of action might be to upgrade them (or maybe rebuild some of them from scratch)]

The primary with the certificate server is an appliance which makes me think I should do the main database upgrade etc. using the appliance migration method. After that I've got one other appliance and the rest are SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)

Part of me would like to just remove the other servers from the zone and rebuild them as appliances, letting content migrate over but I worry about removing servers then adding back new appliances using the same name. Would also mean quite a bit of replication traffic as well which is less than ideal.

Alternatively will everything work fine if I continue to run the mix-and-match environment and deploy the 11.3 update manually to the SLES servers after migrating the first appliance?