We map drives to pc's, using the Novell Client, then run an older 16 bit program from the mapped drives. We're noticing a significant difference in speed of using the program, and updating the information from the client pc's back to the server. It's the opposite of what we'd expect, as the newer computers are running the program much slower than the old computers. The new 64 bit computers run the program in Windows XP mode, and/or in an emulator in Windows 7 or 8. The most up to date Novell client is installed for each PC and Windows version. The old computers run Windows XP.

There is no noticeable problem or lag in mapping the drives. The problem is in communicating information when the program is running. An update of information that takes a few minutes on the old XP computers, takes 30 minutes on the new computers. The slowness in the new computers is present in XP Mode, as well as in Windows 7/8 using an emulator. Although the emulator is a bit faster than XP mode.

The server is running Novell Netware 6.

This is the only time the new computers (in Windows 7/8/XP Mode) are slower than the old ones.

Any idea what the problem is that is making the program communicate slowly with the server from the new computers. How to resolve it? All the old XP computers have to be replaced. Thank you.