Hi- I am trying to make a viable image from a lenove E540 Thinkpad using zcm 11.3. When deploying an image made from the factory installation I get only the blinking cursor after rebooting the target machine. I have checked to be sure the bios is set to both uefi and mbr and other bios settings. The OS is configured for MBR not GPT. Secure Boot is disabled.

There is no problem when using an image from a thinkpad with windows 7 configured from a normal windows 7 disc.

I am assuming the problem has to do with the MBR and so am thinking I should save a backup of the MBR as described here on page 161 sec 3.11.3

Does this strategy makes sense or is there something more straightforward? I have read that lenovo uses a non-standard linux boot record and that in ghost special switches need to be used in order to preserve it correctly. Is there something similar in ZCM 11.3?