I have a ZCM Zone originally built with ZCM 10.2 and has been updated over the years to 11.2.3 and soon to be updated to 11.3.1
The Zone services 15,000 devices with over 30k users (school district). The network topology is central, each school has a 10GB fiber link to the data center. Entire Zone is build on a VMWare vSphere 5 platform.

Current design consists of 1 dedicated ZCC server, 1 dedicated Inventory server, 2 dedicated image servers, and 12 Authentication/Content/Config servers. Database is SQL 2008 R2 on it's own VM. Typical guest machine config uses 2 vCPU 8GB vRAM. All run on Windows 2008 R2 SP1 SQL server uses 2 vCPU and 24GB of vRAM. DB has grown to 43GB in size (gets up to 60+GB before DB maintenance operations are run).

In ZCM 10, the closest server rules were setup to split the user traffic among four selected servers for the site. When the closest server rules allowed for groups, it was enabled to get the round robin functionality. Was never able to get the needed data from my customer to fully implement Locations, so Locations Lite is in use. Pretty much set the default closest server rule to group all 12 Auth servers in a single group. It has worked to split the load quite well among the 12 Primary servers.

Only the ZCC server and Image servers had their entire VM memory reserved (per VMWare best practice for a Java app). Was unable to reserve memory for all guest machines since it would cause to much performance issues with other guests when doing so. Because of this, I am thinking of swapping out the 12 Primary servers for 12 Satellite servers .. but I am unsure of the sanity of doing such a change. The satellite servers would run in the same virtual environment as the Primary servers.

My hope in doing this change is to improve the authentication speed, and satellite servers seem to be faster in getting the job done. Also reduce the amount of work the database server is doing by reducing the amount of Primary servers talking to it.

The change almost seems pointless, so I wanted to see what other thought about doing such a change.

thank you