I have completed a new installation of SLES11 SP3 with OES11 SP2 add-on after repeating the exercise in order to be able to create a Pool and volumes for OES. I can now log onto the server using the Novell Client and access files in folders I've created.

I have also installed a simple GroupWise 2014 system, but was a little surprised that it did not give me an option to create this within the OES Pool / Volumes, and that it insisted on installing it within SUSE, and I gather it's basically installed in the /opt/novell/groupwise directory.

rcgrpwise status shows that adminservice, gwdom, gwpo, gwdva and gwia are all "running". I have used the GroupWise administration console to create users after I failed to import them from the LDAP directory, and at the server end things seem to be OK. However, the GroupWise client fails to connect to the TCP/IP address nominated with port 1677.

Can someone suggest how I need to go about troubleshooting this, please?