I hit the following problem during the migration from a Groupwise 8 server following excellent Danita's recipe for migrating and upgrading.

The source server is an all-in one : primary domain + post-office + GWIA Groupwise 8 running on Netware 6.5
The target server is an OES11 SP2 with groupwise 2014 software installed.
Using dbcopy, domain and post office data are transferred, using the migration interface, I migrate the domain and the post office in one step.

After migration, I update path, certificates, platform in the gwadmin console
I notice that I must change the certificate path in the poa config files : change in the admin console does not seem to be recognised
Also the MTP link in the POA has a strange effect : I have to set it in the POA Console.
I finally have a running POA, with MTP link open in both direction (inbound and outbound)
After some tuning with GWIA, (certificates, log path, platform, ip address) it also runs ok

The MTA is running fine except that the link to the POA is closed, with the error address incomplete.
Effectively, when I check the link address : the ip address is correct, but the port is set to 0 .

Double check in the gwadmin console, in the primary domain, under the object link to post office, the link is correctly defined as a TCP/IP link with ip and port.

Where does this 0 comes from ? Where does the MTA takes the connection address to connect to the POA ?

Following this problem, I had to go back to GW8, before the next attempt...
Any idea ?
Thanks in advance for your help