Hi All,

Running NSM here. I've been doing some Cross-Empire, Folder-to-Folder migrations. To speed things up and spread the load, I setup another server 2012R2 server and installed the agent on there. The agent is authorized and visible in the NSMAdmin. Heartbeat is OK and the log doesn't indicate any failures. However, somehow no jobs are being delegated to this agent. I somehow had gotten this to work yesterday for one of the migrations, but as of today whatever I try it always goes to the first agent (which is also running the engine,etc). Even when the queue gets high enough that the first agent cant process that many events at the same time anymore, the second agent does not come into play and the jobs stay queued until there is room available.

I tried forcing it to use the second agent in several ways; de-authorizing the 1st agent, setting allowed copy jobs on the first agent to '0', Setting the target to be proxied only by the second agent, etc. No matter what I do, nothing gets delegated anymore.

Anybody have any ideas whats going on here and how to fix it?