I'm working in an environment that is primarily Windows 7 workstations and a
number of Netware 6.5 servers.

Some of the servers are going to be retired. Users no longer map drives to
those servers or have any explicit reason for connecting to them.

However, I find that users are making connections to these servers, and that
from the workstation (Novell connections), one of these may show as "primary"

I would like to prune connections from the servers that are going to be
retired. In some cases, in C1, I see the "default server" for the user set to
that server, and can easily set that to a server that will remain long term.
In other cases, the "primary" server becomes such for no reason that I can
discern (maybe it responded first, not sure.)

I want to know if there are methods I can use to redirect the connections away
from servers that will be retired, while not disabling login on those servers.
i.e. set default server in C1, set primary server on the Win7 client, .....?

Everything I've read seems to indicate that one can't force the primary server,
but I'd like to do whatever is possible to reduce connections to the servers
that are going away.


-- DE