We are running ZENworks 11.2.2.

We have a Windows Server 2003-based satellite server set up as a ZENworks imaging server. The imaging is the only thing we intentionally use this server for (though the Authentication, Collection and Content roles are also enabled, just as a matter of course), and we do all of our ZENworks imaging from this server.

The vast majority of our imaging is done via 'img rp', 'img mp', and 'img s' commands in the preboot environment. However, we would like to get "automatic"-mode imaging working. My understanding is that this requires the use of ZENworks imaging bundles.

When I try to create a ZENworks imaging bundle in the ZENworks Control Center (under Bundles -> New -> Bundle -> Preboot Bundle -> ZENworks Image), I am prompted to browse for a server, and then for an image on the server.

Browsing for the satellite server works fine. However, when I then click the "magnifying glass" icon to browse for an image, the server takes an unusually long time to respond, and eventually returns red text reading "Specified Port for HTTP server is already in use/Connection to HTTP server failed.".

The only discussion of this error I can find online so far is the following thread, from 2012:
in which no suggestion of a solution, or of anything to do to track down the problem, was ever made.

I've tried manually typing in an image path. When I do, clicking OK on the dialog results in a "ZENworks has encountered an error" page, with Java exception and stack trace.

Any indications of what might be going on here, and/or how to get imaging bundles working in our environment? Or is this complicated enough that it would be likely to require a SR to get resolved?