7 primaries all 2008r2 64bit on 11.3a SQL 2012 external. 1 primary is VM.
11.3.1 is imported on primary. novell-zenworks-configure -c Start option 13
run on all six servers except the primary I want to deploy on which is also
the on that has the 11.3.1 imported on. confirmed services stopped in the
services page. Even went onto the ZCC diagnostics page and confirmed that
none of the servers are communicating except the server I am logged into
that is the primary that I am trying to deploy the 11.3.1 to and the SQL
/audit database server. I even rebooted the primary I am deploying on to see
if that would clear up the issue but I keep getting the "Unable to complete
your request for the following reason: The ZENworks Server or the ZENworks
Loader services are running on one or more Primary Servers. Shut down the
services before proceeding" error. But this is not the case. Not sure how to
proceed. any suggestions?