Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed issues with novell-cifs on OES 11 SP1 or SP2 following the May 2014 Updates?

We installed the most recent patches via YAST and noticed issues saving to our File Servers via CIFS from Autodesk Inventor. Inventor could see the mapped drives and open files however when saving a new file, it would give an error 'Failed to Create Folder, "H:".'

The offending RPM versions are:

OES11 SP2: novell-cifs-1.3.2-0.90.9
OES11 SP1: novell-cifs-1.3.1-

Rolling back to the following versions resolved the issue:
OES11 SP2: novell-cifs-1.3.2-0.88.2
OES11 SP1: novell-cifs-1.3.1-

I'm interested in knowing if anyone has experienced the same or similar issues. Most of our File Server traffic comes from Mac OS X or Citrix XenDesktop connections using CIFS. Unfortunately this means our reasons to continue running OES11 file servers with NSS are diminishing as we can't make full use of the features via CIFS. :(