Hi Team,

during the testing I found out a small bug. Not sure if others are experiencing the same behavior.

NetFolders are mapped and accessed from all interfaces (web, mobile, desktop app).

If I start from the Webinterface, then go to the list of netfolder, then I have a NetFolder XX. The next level opens many more subfolders. To some of them I have share permissions + ntfs access, to some I only have share permissions. So, when I try to open a subfolder without any ntfs access , the contents are empty.

At this point if I click on NetFolders at the top, there are no netfolders. Just the notification you get when absolutely no netfolders are configured on the server. At this point, accessing with the same user web/mobile/desktopp app does not show you any netfolders.

Tested with multiple users and multiple folders without ntfs access

Workaround 1: Restart Filr Appliance and / or 5-10 minute of user inactivity.
Workaround 2: The second time I hit Netfolders and the netfolders disappear, then I can go back in the browser, from the breadcrumbs I can select a upper level folder or the root netfolder, then everything is fine.

Can anyone confirm if this is a bug or if there is anything I can do to further investigate?