I will shortly be upgrading my 7 primary servers to 32gig of ram each.
Currently they have 8 gig and with the new diag screen (just upgraded to
11.3a) we easily can see this is woefully inadequate. Currently the schools
are shutdown and easily 95% of the computers are off and the servers are at
50% memory usage. I have 7 primaries handling 8000 devices. we did a pretty
good job of balancing the load evenly across the seven servers give or take.
That given does the tuning parameters referenced in the doc for Zen 11 still
hold true for 11.3.1? In reading it the test servers in the super lab were
using 16gig. If the docs still hold true can I I presume to double the
numbers for a 32gig server? The current server installation PDF I can't find
a mention of tuning. other than the OS ram needed is there a point of
diminishing returns as the values pass a certain point? SQL is external MSQL
2012. All in the same data center same switch. all gig connections.

JVM max threads for 16g is 600 can I go to how much with 32gig?

heap size of 4096 with 16g. how much suggested with 32gig?