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Thread: ZCM 11.3.1 Update pending

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    ZCM 11.3.1 Update pending

    Dear Forum members,

    applying the Update for ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.1) to a Zone with 2 Primary Servers with 11.3 on SLES 11 SP2 does not finish.
    Followed the instructions:
    This update requires schema changes to be made to the database. As such, only one primary server should have its services running during the initial patch installation so that other primaries are not trying to access the tables being changed in the database.

    After the Master or dedicated primary server has been updated, the remaining servers can restart their services and apply the update simultaneously.

    For agents that are ZENworks 10.3.4 or later, this update is cumulative and when deployed will update the agents directly to the Update for ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.1).


    Importing the Update
    Download ZENworks_11.3.1_Update.zip from this update.

    Copy the zip file to one of the ZENworks servers in the Zone. (if System Update is configured to use a Dedicated System Update Server, use this server for the import). Do not unzip the file.

    For example:
    On Linux, copy the zip file to /tmp
    On Windows, copy the zip file to %ZENWORKS_HOME%

    Using a command prompt on the ZENworks server where you copied the zip file in step 1, run the command

    zman sui [path to zip file] For details, run the command zman sui --help

    For example:
    on Windows:zman sui "C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\ZENworks_11.3.1_Update.zip"
    on Linux: zman sui /tmp/ZENworks_11.3.1_Update.zip

    The zman sui command should report: "The update(s) contained in "[path to file]" ZENworks_11.3.1_Update.zip will begin importing shortly. You may use ZCC to track the status of your import".
    In ZENworks Control Center, navigate to Configuration > System Updates and monitor the status of "Update for ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.1)", until it shows "Downloaded"
    After the Update is imported, it needs to replicate to all content servers. This replication can be tracked by navigating to Update for ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.1) > Replication Status.
    Continue to Deployment AFTER replication is 100% on all content servers.

    After the replication was 100% on the two Primaries the ZEN Services has been stoppped on the second Primary (IP with the command /opt/novell/zenworks/bin/novell-zenworks-configure -c Start with option 12.
    Then the 11.3.1 Update was deployed via zcc configuration - system updates assigning Update for ZENworks 11 SP3 (11.3.1) and selected Action - Deploy updates to devices selected the first primary server and refreshed the first primary server.
    The first attempt ended up in an error in /var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/pre-global-actions.log (see attached pre-global-actions.log)
    After a second attempt the "Deploying system update status" stays in pending status.

    What can be done to finish the upgrade successfully?

    Many thanks for your hints.

    Kind regard
    Florian Eck
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