Hello guys,

Here is a brief summary of the network design. We have a School server in the Network A. The Main eDir is in a Network B.

The school server to access the Main eDir goes through a DNAT configured on our firewall.

During the different steps I can browse my ldap on the main eDir without any issue.
This to complete the information about Existing Tree Information, Local Server Configuration and Linux User Management Configuration for example.

However, at the moment of the eDir configuration (I use the GUI) the software returns an error -626 and ndsconfig returns a value of 78.

Our issue seam to arise when using the NCP for replication I guess. The questions are: is it possible to DNAT NCP and if it is what is missing?
Of course, if I were installing another server on the Network B and try with the same settings it will work.

I have seen in different posts that replication is not possible through NAT. However I can't find anything regarding the ncp protocol that would explain why our DNAT shouldn't work.

I opened these ports.

389 LDAP
524 NCP
427 SLP
8443 iManager
8009 NRM
8030 iMonitor
8028 iMonitor

Is there a formal documentation that I can relate to?

Thank you in advance and I wish you already a great weekend.