Just FYI, I've upgraded to Mobility Services 2.0.1 last Saturday and all went well.
I do have the option to quarantine devices now.


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On 28/07/2014 00:36, heinkonijn wrote:

> I am running DataSynchronizer Mobility Pack V1.2.5 Build 250. (we are
> planning an upgrade later this year).
> According to the documentation
> (https://www.novell.com/documentation.../b13810g2.html)
> here it should be able to Quarantine devices.
> However, that option is not available for me (should be there from 1.2.5
> onwards).
> Any idea as to what might be causing this? The rest seems to be working
> fine.

As Thomas noted, there were two builds of version 1.2.5 released and
you're using the earlier one so at the very least you should upgrade to
build 299 which Thomas also says has the feature.

However, as Jean-Luc also hinted at, Data Synchronizer 1.x has now been
replaced by GroupWise Mobility Service (GMS) with the latest version
2.0.1 build 53.

> We are running GroupWise 2012 sp2, but I assume that wouldn't make a
> difference.

It shouldn't.

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