We just created a brand new xen guest OES11sp2/SLES11sp3 server, and already the certs for the NRM are no good, they're still using the ones created in YAST during the SLES install portion.
(eDirectory certs were created and all four validate just fine)

For now, I just made an exception in my browser, but when I go to the NRM and go to check Health status, I get a nagios login window. that's new.. and if I try to log in with my eDir credentials, it fails, and now I just see a 500 error. The rest of NRM works okay though.

If I export the eDir certs and use keytool to export them to server.pem and server.key and overwrite the ones at
/etc/opt/novell/httpstkd (well, actually, /etc/ssl/servercerts) will that fix nagios or is there another issue here?

And I'm wondering why the eDirectory certs didn't overwrite the YAST certs.. we always have the install do that.