I am running Zenworks 11.3

I have 4 windows 8.1 desktops that I am testing the latest Novell Client and Zenworks Agent.

Everything works great, I am able to authenticate with novell and zenworks creates the local user account on the desktop. The problem is.... Microsoft's Windows 8.1 does the "splash screen" for about 3 minutes while it "installs the applications" for the Windows 8 metro stuff. This happens for *Every* user that tries to login to that workstation. Once they login once they are fine, but... i can't have the kids wait 3 minutes while Windows 8 does the needfull....

Is there anyway to prevent this? Can I have my students Authenticate with Novell as a unique student... but then utilize a generic "Student" profile that is already on the Device? that way they don't need to wait 3 minutes?

I can install DeepFreeze which will reset the settings everytime they logout... so the next person gets a clean Student profile..... but something has to happen about the delay....

Any suggestions?
I am willing to pay^H^H donate money to somebody to help me out with all of this if required!