I've setup Filr and in my testing it was all working nicely inside our network. Yesterday I did the integration with Access Manager to allow external access.

I followed the instructions in the documentation and it all worked, however after I setup the port redirection and Reverse Proxy settings, internal clients could no longer connect directly to the appliance (only via AM).

I read a post here that suggested adding the client PCs IP addresses to the Access Gateway address(es) setting in the Enable Access Gateway section of the Reverse Proxy settings. Now the clients can connect again, but I still have one issue - when you run the web client and click on the Logout button, you get the error /AGLogout Not Found (404).

The Logout button works correctly when logging in via AM to the web interface, so it's only accessing the appliance directly that has this issue.

Is there some way to fix that issue?

I'm redirecting 443 to 8443 & 80 to 8443. The AM proxy is using 443 as the connect port.