Hi there

We are running 2 Windows 2012 Primary Servers and a SQL 2012 Database server at our main site, all remote sites have SLES11 SP2/OES11 SP1 as satellite servers. We upgraded all servers last weekend to 11.3.1 and now have an issue with Group Policies applying to the satellites. The satellites are all set up the same with Authentication, Collection, Content and Imaging roles.

Since we upgraded Group Policies are (99% of the time) not applying on satellite sites. I have tried manually replicating content (I assume policies will come from content replication?) to the satellites - I've done this with a zac cdp replicate and zac cvc and everything seems to replicate over however I tried highlighting a satellite server and clicking on Action, Specify Content - select the Policy that is not applying and move it into the selected Content to update column and when I click finish I get the error "The Wizard cannot continue for the following reason(s): Unable to complete your request for the following reason: Error updating content"

On a managed device at the satellite site if you look at the properties of the Zenworks agent and click on Policies it has applied 4 device assigned policies successfully - Remote Management, Power Management, Application Launcher Config and Application Control Policy, also has successfully applied 3 out of the 4 User Assigned Policies - Mandatory Profile, Dynamic Local User, Application Control - but not the Windows Group Policy.

Our PCs are on Windows 8.1 and all policies were applying fine before the weekend upgrade......

Has anyone else had any experience of Group Policies not applying that could point me where to look? I have logged an SR with Novell through our reseller but as yet I am getting no response back at all, not even asking me for more information.

Many thanks