I was downloading modules into my iManager 2.7.3 world on one server. The network burped during the download and the process hung on my Windows7 desktop. Server is SLES 10sp3, OES2 sp3.

Now, when I attempt to load iManager on this server, I can choose iManager (and I see Management Services with the 3 choices) from the main page, I am presented with a blank screen, no log in, just a blank screen. All I see at the bottom is servlet/nps/portalservice. There is nothing in /var/log/messages to give me a clue. I can load iManager on another server with the needed modules, so I'm OK, but I'd really like to get iManager here back to functional levels.

I've restarted Apache, Tomcat, and even kicked the dog. I've not re-booted the server. I'm at a College and we are in a registration blackout period now, where rebooting things requires major approvals. This server is my CA for the tree.

Thanks for the ideas,
Loren Carter, Montgomery College