On 7/31/2014 4:36 PM, trixlopez wrote:
> I'm trying to understand the Owner Detail report we generated from NFR.
> Some of the information is confusing or doesn't make sense. In the
> capture below, the create date is after the modify date on most if not
> all the files shown on the report. Also, it appears that the access date
> is that same for all the files which doesn't really seem reasonable.
> I've attached a screeshot of the report. Filter set - Create and
> Modify and Access Relative Date set to since 5 years ago. Would someone
> be able to assist on explaning why the create date is after the modify
> date?
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We see the access date issue you've captured fairly often, and it IS the
actual filesystem data. Typically, this is the work of a backup process,
antivirus, or automated script -- something that's gone through the file
system and touched every file, without taking care to correct the Last
Access timestamp.

Likewise, modifications to the Last Modified timestamp are a common
issue -- not every program sets those correctly, and they can be
incorrectly manipulated during file copies and other actions.

-- NFMS Support Team