On Iprintappliance 1.1 (fresh install) Ldap User/Group import works OK
I tried to import the Printers with miggui, with migration status:Fatal.
After log file inspection and testing, I found that the /opt/novell/iprint/bin/iprintmig_ldap_ops generate that error:

/opt/novell/iprint/bin/iprintmig_ldap_ops -i ./psmimport.xml -d ipaddress -U cn=admin,o=iprintappliance -A
Enter Destination Server Password:
Information: In main () : Created a logger reference.
Information: In main () : Input XML file : ./psmimport.xml
Fatal(98): In parseXMLFile() : Failed to parse XML file, './psmimport.xml' : Invalid name in entity [Ln: 6500, Col: 61

Line 6500 im psmimport.xml:
<item><role>manager</role><trustee>cn=qmbw-HPLJ2055dn,ou=qm & bw,ou=opman,ou=active,ou=personal,o=JKU</trustee></item>

the "&" in the organzational unit is the problematic part.

with iprint 1.01 we had no problem importing.