GW 8.02 HP3
Webaccess Agent Version 8.0.3 (11/30/2012)
NW 6.5 SP3 fully patched - mta/poa/gwia/webaccess all on single box

We're trying to allow documents within a limited set of shared folders to be viewed over webaccess. We have also given the user full rights specifically to both the shared folders and the documents. In the full Win Client 8.03 build 105538 the user can open the documents fine.

However, trying to open any of the docs in web access return the error below:
"Unable to process request. Please contact your system administrator."

If you go to the documents tab in webaccess and search, then open the document from the results it works fine, but still fails from the shared folder.

I've found a couple of TIDs regarding the error message, the first (7004454) is fixed by adding missing Spell Checker lines in the webacc.cfg file, all of ours are present.

The 2nd (7007416) says that hyphens "-" are not supported in domain names, I'm assuming this means internet domain names like
Is this correct!? Our domain has a hyphen in it and the 'fix' suggested is completely and utterly out of the question, all documents (over 10,000 of them) would be renumbered rendering all our document number tracking useless.

Is this bug present in gw2012/2014? We were planning to migrate to OES Linux and upgrade to 2012 this summer but haven't scheduled this work as yet.