We're getting ready to do our first system-wide update of agents to fix a critical bug. Our summer vacation is just ending, and teachers and students will be coming back very soon and turning on our Windows 7 computers for the first time in many weeks, although they won't all be turned on the same day. When they are turned on they will be attempting to get various updates, in particular Windows updates, but also Flash Player and Adobe Reader. I need to update the agents as quickly as possible, but I'm concerned about the possibility of the agent update conflicting with another update, especially Windows updates. Isn't it possible that Windows Update could restart a computer while the agent update is happening (or the other way around), leaving the machine in an unstable or unusable state? What are the best practices for dealing with this? I considered the possibility of deploying the agent to a dynamic workstation group whose members all have a certain file or files that indicate that they have already received the latest Windows updates. However, I can't see how to create a dynamic group based on such criteria.

So far I have only updated a few devices at a time using "Deploy System Updates to Selected Devices in the Management Zone". When those updates are done I cancel that deployment because that's the only option I can find that does anything. If you can offer general advice for a better strategy of updating agents I'd appreciate that. Specifically, how would you push an agent update to several hundred computers that will be turned on sometime over the next two weeks?

Thanks very much.