Hi Forum,

I'm trying to add new addresses to an existing personal address book and then add the new addresses to some new groups with python.
I'm able to add all stuff like addresses and groups but now I figured out, that some addresses are in multiple groups.
My script would add the address multiple times.... which I don't want to :)
To prevent this, I use the AddressBookEntries.Find method.
The documentation tells me that I can use the following fields:
    (Name CONTAINS "Smi*")
    (<First Name> MATCHES "John")
    (<Last Name> CONTAINS "Smi*")
    (<E-Mail Address> CONTAINS "*novell.com")
    (Department CONTAINS "System Test")
Unfortunately the only keyword that works is "Name".
I get an invalid field Error if I try "<E-Mail Address>" instead.

Here is the code snippet:
result in error:
  for line in data:
    filter = '(<E-Mail Address> MATCHES "' + line["col1"] +'")'
    result = AddrBook.AddressBookEntries.Find(filter)
  for line in data:
    filter = '(<Name> MATCHES "' + line["col1"] +'")'
    result = AddrBook.AddressBookEntries.Find(filter)
Can someone tell me what am I missing or what's wrong?

Client: 116153 on Win XP