there is a new OES11SP2 (VM,ESX) which should service DSfW. The system
is installed form Combi-DVD (SLES11 incl.OES as distributed form
Novell) during the installation all patches are installed.

Now YaST does the collect of the facts for DSfW.
New Domain Services for Windows Forest - YES
Express Install - NO
Existing Tree - YES
eDir Server and admin credentials are OK.

Domain and NetBIOS Name:
'This server becomes a DNS-Server' is enabled and can not be disabled.
(If it should be ... there are already two OES-DNS ... ok ... then we
get a third ...)
DNS-Name for new domain is prefilled with the domain name of these host
(loc) and can not be changed.

NetBIOS Domain Name:
This is prefilled with the local DNS zone (LOC)
Configured this server as a WINS server - NO

Site Name of Domain Controller:

Then I choose 'OK' and get the error: "Domain name must have a period
in it". Wtf !$&%§%/...

The domain name comes from SLES install. No other of my installations
asks for a period in the domain name ...
I can not go back to Network configuration because the updates are
done. After this the server reboots. (I can go back only to

What is now to do? I stuck in the middle of the installation ...

Any recommendations?