We sync our Vibe through the LDAP options. I've had to move it from eDirectory to AD. Since the GUIDs are different, Vibe sees these as different users. Not a real problem since we're still in the test and demo stage, but we're moving it into production soon.

I deleted the eDir synced users (which flagged their personal workspaces as deleted) and synced with AD. I logged in as myself and Vibe created the new personal workspace. Then logged in as admin, I moved the folders and entries from my old workspace to the new one. However, the folders and entries listed my old user-deleted as the owner. I fixed this easily for the folders but cannot change the owner for the entries.

The files I can fix by downloading, deleting and uploading again, but I can't do that with custom form entries. Is there any way to change the owner of an entry?