Hello everyone, we checked the documentation as best we could, and it *LOOKS* like it is okay, to install OES11 SP2 (Sles 11 SP3), server into our OES2 SP2 tree. All has gone well, and the servers come in fine BUT, we have noticed some anomalies. We cannot bring OES11 SP2 Servers into a container that has the older OES2 SP2 dhcp object. As well, we noticed after we brought about 4 new OES11 SP2 servers into the tree (one at a time slowly), that we now CANNOT start DHCP services, from imanager on the OLDER OES2 SP2 servers...even though, this container has not been touched by an OES11 SP2 server...we get one of two errors when we Choose DHCP (OES Linux) Server--LOAD/UNLOAD Server:

You are not authorized to invoke method startservice on object /root/cimv2:OMC_ServiceFromXML.CreationClassName="OMC_Se rviceFromXML",Name="dhcpd",SystemCreationClassName ="OMC_UnitaryComputerSystem",SystemName="uriHostOr IP"


CIM_ERR_ACCESS_DENIED (Server cannot be contacted)

Both of these servers have at least one replica on them, and we are using the admin user in the tree to start the services...or try to....Any insight, would be VERY helpful. There are no errors currently in our tree...