We have a stable and well working Netware 6.5 server - it is simply authenticating people and handling our files. It is on an older Dell server with Raid 5 and redundant power, network etc. Well it WAS. Recently on a Monday morning the server was not accessible. I got in to idrac and the server looked ok - no errors etc but I thought a restart would be in order as it had probably been almost a year since last reboot. Reboot didn't help - in fact reboot hung. It hung after going through the basic pre-boot scans etc and would not come up. Finally I came in to the office and my tech had by then noticed the front information screen was complaining about a power supply being inop. He pulled the inop power supply out and the server then rebooted (??? why was that preventing boot?) but we still could not access the server - I discovered that I could get to it through the secondary IP (2 cards) so I swapped the ips and then we could get to it. So it seemed a power supply went out and 1 nic. So then this has prompted me to be worried about this server. Purchased a Dell T320 - discovered that I really could not install Netware 6.5 on it.

Current - I have installed ESXI 5.5 on it and have installed Netware 6.5 in pre-migration mode and am now currently copying our data - about 1.6 tb. I will probably have the copying done this week. I have done a physical to physical migration before and it went perfectly and I have all my notes (it was about 2 years ago). But I just have this little nagging apprehension diving in to the migration. I see at least one post on these threads where someone was doing a migration and just at the point that the old server went down and new one was to become the server - something went wrong. Of course my worst nightmare is 2 non working servers. I have all the data backed up so that isn't a huge deal - I also have a replica for DS.

Anyone have any experience with this? I started off using esxi 4.1 but ran into the disk space limitation and I wanted to use as much of my new space as I could so that is why I went to esxi 5.5.