Hi, I'm running NW6.5 SP8 on a Dell PE 2950.

I've installed the Arcserve 9.0 NW client, but have discovered I need to update it to 9.01 to get it to work with 6.5.

Unfortunately, the update program I downloaded from CA just won't allow me to update the installation. It allows me to log into the server, but won't allow me to 'select' the Update NetWare Arcserve Client Option. If I double click it, the dialog box takes me back to the server selection screen; if I double click the server name again, it then takes me back to the options where again it won't allow me to select the Update NetWare Arcserve Client Option, etc, etc. It will cycle through this without actually doing anything on the server itself.

I've tried it with client 4.91SP5, as well as 4.83SP2, and I've enabled IPX on the server, as well as every type of ethernet frame, but no change.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Or if someone would be kind enough to either zip up the SYS:\NWagent folder with the 9.01 patch, and email it to me?