Our organization has been on Messenger for a lot of years. I think nearly since it first came out. We still use GroupWise and Zen, but we are now an Active Directory shop. All our Blackberry's are gone and everyone uses iPhones. My users are asking me about mobile client for IM. I've put off adding 2 new divisions on the old Messenger server because I kept watching the roadmap thinking the new version was coming out. It has slipped a couple years now and I can't wait any longer.

What other enterprise level IM systems are out there? Of course, there's very little to no money for this project. I saw another post that said Cisco UCM bundles their Presence server and Jabber licenses. We have the same licensing, but I was never aware if that was bundled for us, we are checking into it now.

Are there any other's I should look at?