A little over a year now, we had a consultant come in and migrate our Netware 6.5 server to a new SLES 11 OES 11 server. When doing so he said it would be easier to manually place in all of the DNS and DHCP entries since there were so few of them, but he did them under yast.

Now that I am learning more about the system and wanting to make changes, I have learned there is still the DNS/DHCP management tool.

When looking at it, My DNS server is running but not with all of the DNS entries I have placed in the Yast version.

I see a DHCP (Netware) tab that has entries in it but the server is not running or even able to be powered up.

Also there is a DHCP (OES Linux) tab that is greyed out.

I am assuming something isn't quite right but I want to make sure if my hunch is right and the steps to correct it.