we have a strange phenomenon. And I think it is since we upgraded to ZCM 11.3.1
A user installed a lot bundles in the office, leave the office and work "standalone". Until now all is fine. But then the user does a broadcast connection via UMTS to the Company network to replicate some mails.
After that, the user can not start even one bundle out of the NAL Window. The error message is German but in English it means:"Can not do the bundle action because is not connected to the network".
Back in the office all the bundles work fine without that you have to re-install them. We have opened a SR to it but we can not believe that no one else has this problem.
Other thing is, the SR-engineer said that the cache might be corrupted and that we need do delete the cache and do a "zac ref general bypasscache". OK if this happen on one machine but on 30 ??
We do the deleting on several machines and it worked in the first place but some of them come back after a few days with the same problem.

Coming to the point why I think it`s about ZCM 11.3.1 : We are very new to ZCM 11 so we set up new Primary server with ZCM 11.2.3 and starting evaluation. During this period we upgraded to 11.2.4>11.3.0>11.3.FRU1>11.3.1 due to the fact that we where in "evaluation-mode" we had only a few clients and if we change the servers we did not do a agent update we install them on "fresh" machines and we never saw that problems. Unfortunately a few days in front of our "real world rollout" we updated to 11.3.1 and forget to try offline tests and now we are in big trouble.

So again, saw some one this kind of problem?

Thanx a lot