I installed an additional hard drive in my SLES10sp4/OES2sp3 server and expanded the array and logical volume. I then went into NSSMU and created a partition with the additional space. I then went to Pools in NSSMU and clicked on F3 to expand the pool as I wanted to add this additional space to the pool. When I click on F3 to expand the pool it says that "there are no partitions available to create pool". If I look under partitions I see my new partition that I created. For the State it says Used and for the Type is says NSS and nothing for the Pool. The total size and Data Area both show 136.71 GB and the Used space shows 0.00 KB. What I want to know, is it ok to delete this partition and re-create it and see if that helps? It doesn't appear that anything is on this partition but with the State saying "used" I wanted to double check to be sure. I don't want to delete it and have stuff be wiped out.

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