I've been having an issue from prior to switching to the iPrint appliance where when I make a Printer Profile and add a custom paper size, that the custom paper does not get installed with the printer. I'm using the HP Universal Print Driver PCL6, v5.7, and in the process that I find that I am required to edit a driver's profile twice in order to add the custom paper type, in my case a clone of Letter called Letterhead.

The first time that I edit the printer driver profile I configure as much of the first driver screen as I can since I can't give the correct Letterhead tray assignment because it hasn't been created in the 2nd Printer Properties screen yet. Then I get to the screen and create the Letterhead paper type, open the PDP again and assign the Letterhead paper to the correct tray and then complete the PDP.

When the printer deploys to the systems it deploys with the letterhead tray showing as an Unknown paper type, even though I can go back into the PDP and see Letterhead designated on the tray. I can usually go into the local system manually and create the Letterhead type and assign the tray but whenever there is an update to the printer I have to manually fix the tray. Am I missing something for deploying custom paper in iPrint?