Finally found a way of removing the satellite roles from a device that reports to be a satellite but doesn't show roles, etc. in ZCC...

Based on info found in https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7001869

To remove Satellite Roles

Get the GUID of the "satellite" from ZCC

Go to https://<server>/zenworks-zoneconfigadmin/?test and authenticate

Select boolean delete(java.lang.String arg0)
(This equated to https://<server>/zenworks-zoneconfigadmin/?test=65 on my current 11.4.1 server)

Paste in the GUID and Invoke

If you refresh ZCC you should now see the device returned to it's "normal" state (i.e. workstation or server)

I was then able to delete using ZCC.

(Alt. you could use the https://<server.ip>/zenworks-deviceadmin/?test and then select boolean delete(java.lang.String arg0), paste in GUID and invoke...)