Hello all,

Upgraded my iprint appliance with the export + import function. Had 1 renderer. After the upgrade I was not able to see the old 1.0 renderer.

On the render page I get the error:

com.novell.admin.common.server.rpc.beans.RpcExcept ion: com.google.gwt.user.server.rpc.UnexpectedException : Service method 'public abstract java.util.List com.novell.admin.iprint.client.services.IprintRpcS ervice.getRenderers()' threw an unexpected exception: com.novell.admin.common.datamodel.beans.DataModelE xception: Failed : HTTP error code : 401

The error seems pretty clear (HTTP 401).

Upgraded the 1.0 renderer to 1.1. Renderer is upgraded and runs.

No I still get the above error in the appliance. I cannot see any renders. When I try add a new renderer I get a 'cannot connect' error.

Already tried the host file settings: no effect.