Hello everyone!

Today after work I wanted to finally upgrade ZCM but run into some problems.

We have three servers: Two primary servers and one database-server (OEM Sybase SQL Anywhere). All three are running on SLES 11.
I want to upgrade our ZCM11.2.4MU1 to ZCM11.3a and then to 11.3.1.

I started by upgrading the Sybase database and running dbunload according to the documentation.
Then I continued with "sh install.sh -c" and chose "Audit Database". I selected the OEM Sybase SQL Anywhere with port 2639.

Admin, password and database-name were unique. But I made the mistake to set the servername to the same as the zenworks-database. *sigh*
The installation completed.
The sybase-asa and sybase-audit-asa services couldn't run at the same time, therefore I rebooted the database-server and installed the audit database again with a unique database-name.

Before the upgrade I could start dbisql and connect without problems to backup the database. Now I cannot connect anymore without using the additional parameter: links=tcpip{host=IPorDNSName,port=2638}

Connecting to the Audit Database via dbisql is not possible, with the following message:

Could not connect to the database.
Database server not found

Ensure that the name in the "Server name" field is spelled correctly, that the network options on the network tab are correct and that the database server has been started.
[Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Database server not found

Connection parameters:
With that said, it is not possible to upgrade the first primary server because the setup routine is also not possible to connect to the Audit Server:

We were unable to create a connection to the database. Please check your
connection information.


Specify the existing ZENworks database and database authentication information
for an existing user with sufficient permissions.
The services sybase-asa and sybase-audit-asa are both running. I also restarted them a couple of times.
zenworks_database.conf and zenworks_database_audit.conf look fine.

Do you have any idea what I missed?
Is the duplicate servername still somewhere existend and prevents the proper running?

Thank you very much in advance for pointing me in any direction!