On 8/19/2014 12:06 PM, coreyhansen wrote:
> It seems that any bundles that try to launch while a patch is being
> installed just stack up behind it.


> After the patch is finished then everything opens.


> I have users launching simple shortcut bundles as many times times as they can click and getting frustrated when nothing happens

Consider a Prompt so the Users can Accept or at least know an Install is
Running and they need to wait.

> I assume bundle ordering has something to do with this

Bundle Ordering should have nothing to do with the ability to manually
launch a Bundle while patch is installing patches.

Generally after patches have been installed it would be STRONGLY
recommended to reboot the device, especially for Windows Patches.

Otherwise, Locked Files will not be updated and another install could
try to update those same locked files and result in incorrect files
being the final result.

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