Version 2.7.7 (20140113_1819)
Copyright (c) 1999-2013 Novell, Inc.
All rights reserved.
Field Patches:
Patch 1 -- 20140113

GroupWise Plugins

I modify a user select the GroupWise tab and receive this error: GroupWise configuration Error Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL: https://ad-n1.osd:9710/gwadmin-servi...841641D236960B'

I click on the GroupWise Configuration tab and have the following settings:
Enter GroupWise Admin Service URL: https://ad-n1.osd <= this is resolvable from both my workstation and the iManager server.
Enter GroupWise Admin Service Port: 9710
Enter LDAP server ID: ldap-xl8 <= this is an LDAP server that has been configured in the GroupWise system.
Enter GroupWise Admin Username: Supervisor
Enter GroupWise Admin Password: <= I put the password in here and it accepts it without error.