We are running Groupwise 8.03. I have 3 POs. A user (Pete) from PO B has created several distribution lists that have 1 particular user (Mike) in them from PO A. When he sends an email using one of the distribution lists with Mike from PO A in it, he gets the error: User not on post office Error = D101. If you look at it it is using a user.po@domain.com. I have removed Mike from the distribution list and put Mike back in and still getting the error. I have recreated the distribution lists and still have the same issue. So from my computer, I logged in as Pete into Groupwise. I sent an email using one of the distribution lists that has Mike in it and it actually is sent to Mike. No issues. I have tried to un-install Groupwise from Pete's computer and re-install and it and still getting the error when Pete sends an email using a distribution list with Mike in it. No one else is complaining of not being able to send email to Mike. It appears that Pete - if using his computer - is the only one having issue sending Mike emails and only if he is using a distribution list. If he sends the same email directly to Mike, it is received by Mike. Any suggestions??