The problem :

NRM Inventory (Manage NCP Services/View Inventory Reports/Create Report) does NOT show the non-LUM file owners correctly. Strangely it lists a user 'pesign' as the file owner. This is actually a valid LINUX user with a UID of 1xx (not the same on all systems). ID and Finger show:

# id pesign
uid=112(pesign) gid=117(pesign) groups=117(pesign)
# finger pesign
Login: pesign Name: PE-COFF signing daemon
Directory: /var/lib/pesign Shell: /bin/false
Never logged in.

Now the actual owners of the files on the NSS volumes have UID's such as 1010, 1509 etc., so no where near the pesign user. Ditto for the GID.

The environment :
1. OES 11 sp2 with updates through to July 2014 (March and May Scheduled Maint applied, but not August)
2. InventoryResolveNonLumOwnerName in /etc/opt/novell/httpdstk.conf has been changed to true
3. Executed rcnovell-httpstk restart

Has anyone else encountered this bug?