I have 11.3.1 installed on the server and a few test machines.

I'd love to deploy the 11.3.1 upgrade to machines, but I'm finding that we have numerous Win7 machines that do not have .NET4 installed. I'm finding it a real pain to have to somehow unobtrusively build and deploy .NET4 before the agent upgrade will work.
If I install the agent, I can use the 'all included' download from ../zenworks-setup, and its good. It seems a real pain that there is no mechanism to somehow bootstrap a .NET4 install if required, before the deployment begins. Or some alternate method to just schedule a deployment that can deal with the prerequisite of .NET4.

We have 1000 laptops, 400 desktops, so I have to have a foolproof/failsafe way to get ti done.

At the moment it is stalling all of my Win7 agent upgrades.