In the process of moving GW8 data from a SuSE10/OES2 server on NSS to new SuSE11sp3 box on EXT3. Have two servers in the mix, both scenarios are the same other than the amount of data. One server has poa that is around 500GB the other is around 100GB. The one with 100GB is fine. THe larger one is the issue. Mounted NSS file system to new server with ncpmount. When we did the original copy, was getting errors that stated, error 8200 in performing copydirectory, then followed by error, connection to source lost. Was thinking that it could be related to somethign disconnecting the session, but I found a tid relating to this error that stated remove unnecessary files from root of po directory and try and again, which I did and it worked fine. Never have had to do that before as well. Ran it again and it finished, Took 5 days to copy it all but it completed. Now this weekend, was going to do incremental on it with system offline and had the same issue over an over again. Noticed it does lose the session to remote box as well. Other po server with smaller poa is no issue. Anyone seen this before?