I'm planning on upgrading my GW2012 server to 2014 this coming weekend and am in the final stages of working in my testing environment. My upgrade is going successful but I'm having a couple of behavioral questions in regards to the Directory Association step that I'm mildly concerned about.

In my first upgrade attempts I discovered that my LDAP User Synchronization job was not configured correctly so that I had the warning post-upgrade indicating that directory association was not successful. I resolved this issue and now when I test my upgrade I do not get this notice. At this point immediately post-upgrade, if I look at my Users list I see the correct icon indicating that the user is associated with a directory account, but I can also go to Directory Associations, perform a search against eDirectory and the search results tell me that none of my users are associated. Should I believe the post-installation user's list or should I run the Directory Association just to be safe?

That leads me to my second question, when I do run the Directory Association, each time I've run it I have the same 10 users experience an error, which when I click on the error's details I get a null javascript. At that point if I update the Association list it indicates that all of my users are now associated. Is this anything to worry about since it appears to associate accounts, or how would I find out what is causing my errors after closing the screen after the initial association? Thank you