I'm trying to install NCS on two SLES 11 SP3 servers, but I'm stuck on this.

I can install NCS on the first server, and create the cluster object in eDir. I can see the cluster object in iManager after that.

But when I try to add the second server, I get the error from the title, even selecting the cluster object on the selection window (i.e. not typing its name).

I've searched a lot, and read the documentation, but no progress.

By the way, both servers are OES 11 SP2; both of them was first installed on a test tree, and later moved to our production tree. And both of them was part of a cluster on the test tree.

The problem occurs, no matter which of the servers I install the cluster; when I try to add the second server to the cluster, I receive the error.

PS: I've opened this thread first on the OES-Linux forum.